The Preservation Hall Jazz Band has a responsibility to not only carry on the traditions, musical and cultural, that were handed down to us by the generations that came before, we also have a responsibility to contribute our voice and experiences to the New Orleans musical tradition.

Music is essential to our identity, it's essential to who we are; music feeds our souls.

Our role is to nourish and help protect the community that gave birth to one of our great American art forms, something that is truly American — and that is jazz.

We need music more than ever.

Our music is meant to unify.

  • Charlie Gabriel

    Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone & Vocals

    Born: July 11, 1932

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  • Ben Jaffe

    Tuba, String Bass, Banjo, Percussion & Backing Vocals

    Born: January 26, 1971

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  • Rickie Monie


    Born February 4, 1952

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  • Joseph Lastie, Jr.

    Drums & Backing Vocals

    Born: August 28, 1958

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  • Clint Maedgen

    Tenor / Baritone Saxophone & Vocals

    Born: August 15, 1969

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  • Mark Braud

    Trumpet & Backing Vocals

    Born: June 21, 1973

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  • Ronell Johnson

    Tuba, Piano & Vocals

    Born: September 23, 1976

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Date Venue Location Tickets
Jan 23, 2017 South Florida Fairgrounds West Palm Beach, FL United States
Feb 4, 2017 Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya Mexico Riviera Maya Mexico
  • Sold Out
Feb 5, 2017 Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya Mexico Riviera Maya Mexico
  • Sold Out

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